Installation: connect our gsm fwts to public phones,and manage them by IVR platform.

Application: set up public phones payphones in hospital,school,jail,station and shop etc.

Function and usage :

       1)Offer phone card with PIN code to users. Only our PIN code users can use our platform.

       2)Users pick up phone, phone will dial the service numbers automatically and then caller
        can hear how much balance is left. Of course, users can dial other access numbers by hand
        if one service number doesn’t work.

       3)Call waiting. Users will hear welcome to our platform voice guide.

       4)PIN customers are able to make a calland talk according to credit available. The system
         charges the call from the credit available for the certain PIN.

       5)The IVR platform owner can modify access numbers by sms. It just need to write a message
           by mobile phone and send to the sim card of our fwt.

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