Dear customers,

Please note the following strike news and shipping conditions. If your goods pass these areas, there may be a delay.

1, German trade union, Ver. Di, has called for a strike at Frankfurt Airport from Thursday, November 23 (4AM), through Friday, November 24 (6:30 AM). Significant delays of incoming and outgoing air freight shipments are anticipated through the weekend, the airport’s other cargo handling agents are expected to be affected as well. At present, there is a backlog of goods in Frankfurt airport and there will be a delay in the delivery of the goods.

2,The CUT convened a nationwide strike on November 10 with protests across the country including Sao Paulo State, Santos cutoms, Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul) and Manaus Amazon. Brazilian customs strike has entered the fourth week, shippers and carriers are facing serious delays. Santos Port, the largest port in South America, is experiencing serious delays and the delay in container shipping increases from five days to a week. Many container shipments have delayed detention and demurrage due to missed flights. Jose Roque, CEO of São Paulo and Sindamar, said in an interview: “All Santos customs officers are on strike. The losses are incalculable. We must find a solution to the impasse as soon as possible.”

In addition, even worse, officials from the tax bureaux of the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service joined the strike, with delays also occurring at the border crossings of important borders, especially with the border areas of Argentina and Paraguay.

Jose Roque said that if this situation persists, the terminal is expected to soon run out of logistics warehouse storage space will be occupied due to lack of clearance, leaving the port of Santos also did not load the goods as a result of shipping Loss of fees.

The most affected land transit corridor is Foz do Iguacu, which connects its neighboring Paraguay and Argentina. Uruguaiana, one of the major border crossings to the Buenos Aires Highway, was also hit hard. 600 trucks were waiting for customs clearance, which took about five days.

3, there is a local backlog of mail in Canada, sent to Canada, mail delivery will be delayed;

4, the recent United States NYC New York Port backlog of goods, customs clearance and transit links will be subject to a certain degree of delay.