The difference between CDMA RUIM and NON-RUIM

CDMA network is widely use in wireless telephones, smart phones, fixed terminals,modems,etc. Lots of users and buyers are confused with RUIM and NON-RUIM

Let’s figure out their difference simply.

Removable User Identity Module (R-UIM, usually pronounced as “R-yuim”) is a card developed for cdmaOne/CDMA2000 (“CDMA”) handsets that extends the GSM SIM card to CDMA phones and networks. To work in CDMA networks, the R-UIM contains an early version of the CSIM application. The card also contains SIM (GSM) application, so it can work on both networks. It is physically compatible with GSM SIMs and can fit into existing GSM phones as it is an extension of the GSM 11.11 standard.



The RUIM card was designed to replicate many of the advantages of the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card on the GSM network. Phones on the CDMA network that do not use RUIM cards store all of the user’s information in the phone itself; if the user wants to change phones, he or she has to go to the cell phone service provider, who will transfer the information to the new handset. GSM network phones use SIM cards, which store all of the user’s information, so activating a new phone is often as simple as moving the card from one handset to another.

CDMA phones that use RUIM cards share this ability to swap information between phones. The card is the same size and shape as a regular SIM card, and typically includes a version of the SIM software, which means that it can be used in GSM phones. As with switching cards between CDMA phones, however, the GSM handset must be unlocked for a RUIM card to work with it. An RUIM card in a GSM phone might not work in all locations, because different regions use different cell phone frequencies.



Write ESN(Electronic Serial Number), MEID(Mobile Equipment Identifier) and IMSI((IMSI:International Mobile Subscriber Identification Number) into machine by software. Don’t install physical card.

Simply, RUIM uses CDMA card. NON-RUIM needs to write identity into CDMA devices instead of using card. 

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