We usually get some enquiries on cordless phone. In this time, we would confirm with customers that what cordless phone do you need. But, some buyers can’t distinguish the difference between DECT cordless phone and sim card cordless phone.
There are 3 differences.
1, definition.
DECT is Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. SIM card cordless phone is analog phone.
2, function.
DECT cordless phone is use GHZ like 6.0GHZ, 2.4GHZ. The host can connect to landline phone. One host supports multi-handsets. SIM card cordless phone is an independent phone which use sim card like mobile phone. But, sim card cordless phone is with simple functions including voice call, receiving and sending sms.
3, application.
DECT is Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications which is included home cordless phone, DECT/ GSM integrated system,Commercial wireless communication system (cordless PBX), DECT WLL and DECT data and multimedia services.
Sim card cordless phone is fixed wireless phone with sim card exactly. It uses GSM, CDMA, WCDMA or LTE modeules and networks. SIM card cordless phone is mainly use in indoor. In the condition of cheap sim card cost, people prefer to sim card cordless phone then PSTN landline phone. And SIM card cordless phone is small and removable so that it is more convenienter than landline telephone.