Project Description

  • CAT4 4G LTE CPE router
  • 300M 4G LTE CPE router LED display M930
  • Cheap 4G LTE CPE router China manufacturer M930 DOBRY

300M 4G CPE WIFI router sim card

300M 4G CPE WIFI router sim card for home and business environments. Up to 300M high speed Internet data service and 20 WIFI users.


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Cheap 300M 4G CPE WIFI router sim card

M930 4G CPE WIFI router adopts MTK solution, economical price, excellent craftsmanship, it is greatly loved by operators and brand owners, and is widely used in OEM production.

M930 4G SIM card cellular router for mobile devices and data terminals, integrated with the high technologies in 4G CAT4, WIFI5.0, Ethernet WAN/LAN  and Web UI management. Next Generation mobile broadband technology offering data transfer rates, WIFI rate is up to 300Mbps, which can meet the needs of stable, safe and simple Internet access in small networks such as office and home.

It uses public 4G (TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE), 3G (WCDMA/HSUPA/HSPA+, EV-DO) and other mobile broadband networks to provide users with convenient and fast network transmission functions.

  • Wordwide use

4G LTE FDD TDD, 3G UMTS, 2G GSM networks for worldwide use.

  • WIFI access

Up to 20 WIFI users could be connected simultaneously

  • 150Mbps 4G

150Mbps D/L, 50Mbps U/L in 4G LTE FDD.

  • 300M WIFI 

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/, 300Mbps in 802.11n

  • WAN and LAN

RJ45 I/F *1; WAN/LAN Self-adaption

  • Antenna

2 * MIMO, 1 * LTE Antenna, 1* WIFI Antenna

  •  Indicator

Power, users, network status, WIFI signal

  • Management

APN, intelligent WEB GUI

Wireless technology benefits your life

M930 4G LTE router CPE that uses sim card, thanks to the introduction of a SIM card. This is a perfect solution to be able to provide telephony to second homes and temporary sites, having the convenience of being able to make calls through the mobile network, but with a conventional desktop terminal.

The very easy to use intuitive menu and great battery life stand out among the benefits. You are guaranteed to have a functioning phone in case of power failure.

Hardware Specification
Solution MT6735WM
Working frequency FDD LTE: B1,B3,B5,B7,B8,B20, TDD:B38,B39,B40,B41 WCDMA: B1/B5/B8,EVDO BC0
Data 3GPP R9, CAT. 4; LTE FDD: (UL50Mbps/ DL150Mbps),LTE TDD: (UL30Mbps/ DL130Mbps)
HSDPA(UL 11.5Mbps/ DL42.2Mbps)
System memory 4GByte EMMC+512MByte DDR2
WIFI IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/, 2.4GHZ 2T2R WLAN;

Wi-Fi Chipset: MT6625L

802.11e for multimedia applications;

802.11i for security;

802.11n for enhanced MAC protocol efficiency;

Up to 150Mbps;

WIFI Encryption: Wi-Fi Protected Access™ (WPA/WPA2)2

WAN/LAN RJ45 I/F *1;

WAN/LAN Self-adaption, 10/100Mbps

Antenna Internal, MIMO;

1* LTE Antenna, 1*2.4G WIFI Antenna

GPS Optional
SIM Standard SIM slot 1FF, 1.8V/3V
LED LED indicators for different status
Buttons Enable/Disable WIFI; Reset Key
Power 12V/1A, DC Jack
Languages Chinese, English, WEBUI defined Multi-language
WEBUI SMS, APN Mgmt, WIFI Mgmt, Router Mgmt, Safety Mgmt
Other Protocols IP and MAC Address Binding Traffic

Control (IP QoS)

Access Control, Local Management Remote Management(TR069)

UPnP, DMZ, Dynamic IP/Static

IP IPV4/V6 Dual Stack

Internet Up to 10 access points(If the memory is increased, it can be increased to 20 users)

WIFI SSID: 4GCPE-XXXX (last four digits of IMEI address)

WIFI default password: 1234567890

Software Platform Android 6.0
SIM lock and unlock support
WEB features
Log in Default password: admin (default first login requires the user to modify the administrative password); language selection (Chinese; English)
Status Network connection status; ANP information; IP information; signal strength; connection time; number of wifi client connections
Networks APN configuration: international roaming switch, apn, user name, password, authorization type modification; add a new apn, restore the default APN parameters; PIN code & PUK code input; traffic statistics: traffic rate limit: the cumulative traffic reaches the set value according to the set rate Speed limit
System Manage Login password management: support user name and password modification. System operation: support device restart, shutdown, restore factory settings. System information: view software version, WLAN mac address, IMEI number, date and time zone settings: set device time update method: network The time is still GPS time, the default network time time zone: automatically update the time zone, customize the time zone Phonebook settings: add, modify, find, delete contacts GPS control: GPS function open, close