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  • HD call 4G GSM gateway FWT DOBRY E350

HD call 4G GSM gateway FWT

HD call 4G GSM gateway FWT terminal, which is a simple device, but could produce some serious cost savings. It is GSM to Analog Converter. It can produce 2 FXS lines to allow regular phone to be connected and used just like a local landline (PSTN) except your calls will go out the GSM network.

Model: E350



HD call 4G GSM gateway FWT DOBRY E350

It is a fully integrated device that offers users voice communication over the cellular network, with dial tone and crisp voice quality equivalent to that of a fixed line. It is widely use for analog phone, alarm system, PABX, billing meter,Voip gateway,etc.

Elegant design with LED indicators and small size

The E350 4G GSM gateway terminal box is designed with LED lights for working conditions in power, call in, call out, SIM card, Internet and Signal. It is easy for user to check usage state. ABS casing is durable. Small size and light weight are helpful to save international freight.

HD call

Digital SLIC with highly anti-interference performance reduces noise and optimizes sound reproduction.The compatibility is strong, avoiding the “beep” noise interference in the connected other products, and reducing the noise when work with other products.

Wide frequency band for worldwide use

With Quectel industrial 4G module, it is with stable and great signal in 4G, 3G and GSM wide bands. 4G VOLTE voice call is supported. But, some countries do not support 4G VOLTE, please check with your carrier before you buy.


1)It is 1 port FWT fixed wireless terminal which has 1 RJ-11 output for extension;
2)It can connect with ordinary telephone set, PBX , VOIP Gateway, Billing meter etc. ;
3)  Dialing tone frequency:450hz;
4)  Employ Industrial module to make;
5)  SIM card supported (1.8V, 3V);
6)  Caller ID display.
7)  DTMF and FSK Dialing.
8)  Bell signal;
9)  accurate polarity reversal for billing;
10)  The RJ-11 socket which connect the phone or billing system for metering purpose;
11)  Antenna socket (SMA);
12)  Working status and Signal Strength by LED indicators;
13)  IMEI Change (optional).
14)  Supports modem mode.
15)  Automatically connects to IP network when dialing long distance (optional)
16)  Dial number Block (Optional).
17)  Incoming number Block (Optional).
18)  Volume adjustment.
19)  Auto card-locking and net-locking.
20) USB port for online upgrade. Adjust the product volume and other parameters  through computer.

21) PIN lock, SIM lock, CELL lock and cell unlock (Custom function. Need to communicate with us before buying).

22 ) Emergency call

23) Hot plug.

1)Networks support:
4G : LTE FDD B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28A (800/850/900/1800/2100/2600MHZ);

3G WCDMA: 900/2100Mhz; 2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz. Other frequency bands can be customized.

2) Frequency ranges. Pls check here

3) Phone interface: supply RJ-11 Phone Interface.
4) Hanging voltage: 45V
5) Picking off voltage: 30mA / 41mA
6) Dialing tone Frequency: 450Hz
7) Antenna interface: Antenna amplifying>2.5db
8) Sensitivity:<-104DBM
9) Transmitting power≤5W
10) Color: White
11) AC-Adapter interface: Input: AC 110~220V, AC 50~60Hz. Output: 12V, 1A.
12) AC-Adapter type: EU,US,AU,British can be optional
13) Power consumption:Static≤25MA emission≤500MA
14) Peak power consumption: 0.25W/0.5W
15) Receive sensitivity: -104db
16) Antenna increment: All directions: 5.0db Certain/Selection: 12db

17) size: 120*83*28MM

18) Net weight:130G

Packing List

Name Quantity Remark
 Fixed wireless terminal 1pcs GSM/3G/4G
Ac- adapter 1pcs AC-110-220V, DC 12V/1A
Antenna 1pcs SMA
User’s Manual 1pcs English

G.W: 350G per set (including adapter, antenna and manual).

20PCS/CTN, 7KG/CTN, CTN Size: 42*38*26cm

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