Project Description

Huawei RRU3959 RRU3959A RRU3959W 900Mhz 1800MHz 2100Mhz

Huawei RRU3959 RRU3959A RRU3959W B1 B3 B8

PN: 02311DRY, 02331LFH, 02312CFD


Offer brand new and used Huawei RRU BBU

Huawei RRU3959w,WD5MERUAC30,KUNLUN,TX1805-1880MHz/RX1710-1785MHz,-48VDC,9.8G,2T2R,2*60W 02311DRY RRU3959

RRU3959 is a high-performance radio relay station that transmits and receives signals over a cellular network. It supports LTE and LTE-Advanced standards and has high throughput, which allows you to transfer large amounts of data at high speeds.

Blade RRUs are as follows: RRU3971, RRU3959, RRU3959w, RRU3953, RRU3953w, RRU3952m, RRU3952, RRU3939, RRU3938, RRU3936, RRU3838, RRU3839, RRU3958, RRU3832, RRU3824, RRU382 6, RRU3668, RRU3281, RRU3269, RRU3268, RRU3262, RRU3260, RRU3249, RRU3276, RRU3853, RRU3962, and 5000 series RRUs.



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