Project Description

HUAWEI RRU5904 RRU5904W radio unit

Huawei remote radio unit RRU5904 RRU5904W

Model: WD5M215904GB


Brand new and used RRU BBU for sale.

HUAWEI RRU5904 for Multi-Mode 2100mhz(4*60W) -48V WD5M215904GB 02311UWT

RRU5904 is a compact radio relay station designed for installation in limited spatial conditions. It has high transmission power and a wide range of operating frequencies, providing reliable coverage and data transmission in cellular networks.

RRU5904,WD5MERUMH30,WUYI,TX1805-1880MHz/RX1710-1785MHz,-48VDC,9.8G, 4T4R, 4*60W

Huawei 02311UWH RRU5904 – 1800Mhz
Huawei 02311UWT RRU5904 – 2100Mhz
Huawei 02311SJK RRU5904w  – 1800Mhz

Blade RRUs are as follows: RRU3971, RRU3959, RRU3959w, RRU3953, RRU3953w, RRU3952m, RRU3952, RRU3939, RRU3938, RRU3936, RRU3838, RRU3839, RRU3958, RRU3832, RRU3824, RRU382 6, RRU3668, RRU3281, RRU3269, RRU3268, RRU3262, RRU3260, RRU3249, RRU3276, RRU3853, RRU3962, and 5000 series RRUs.

02311PPP RRU5909 RRU5909-WD5MERULC30B-WUYI (TX1805-1880MHz/RX1710-1785MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311PPN RRU5909 RRU5909-WD5MERULC3KA-WUYI (TX1825-1875MHz/RX1730-1780MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311TAY RRU5909 RRU5909-WD5MJRULC8B-WUYI (TX935-960MHz/RX890-915MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311TBA RRU5909 RRU5909-WD5MJRULC8Z-WUYI (TX925-960MHz/RX880-915MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311TBB RRU5909 RRU5909-WD5MERULC30D-WUYI (TX1805-1880MHz/RX1710-1785MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311TBD RRU5909 RRU5909-WD5MIRULC10C-WUYI (TX2110-2170MHz/RX1920-1980MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311TBC RRU5909 RRU5909-WD5MIRULC1GA-WUYI (TX2110-2165MHz/RX1920-1975MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311VSV RRU5909 RRU5909-WD5MERULC3H-WUYI (TX1825-1875MHz/RX1730-1780MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311SJK RRU5909s RRU5905w-WD5MERULG32-WUYI (TX1805-1880MHz/RX1710-1785MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*80W)
02311PRG RRU5909s RRU5909s-WD5MERULC30C-WUYI (TX1805-1880MHz/RX1710-1785MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311PRK RRU5909s RRU5909s-WD5MIRULC10B-WUYI (TX2110-2170MHz/RX1920-1980MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02312AKH RRU5909w RRU5909w-WD5MJRULC8Z2-WUYI (TX927-960MHz/RX882-915MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)

RRU5904 technical specifications

Supported Frequency Bands and RATs

Table 1 Frequency bands and RATs supported by an RRU5904 (1800 MHz)

Frequency Band (MHz) Protocol-defined Band RX Frequency Band (MHz) TX Frequency Band (MHz) RAT IBW (MHz)
1800 Band 3/n3 1710 to 1785 1805 to 1880 GSM, LTE FDD, GL, LTE NB-IoT, GM, LM, GLM, LN (SUL), GLN (SUL), NR FDD, GN (FDD), LN (FDD), GLN (FDD), MN (FDD), LMN (FDD) 45

TX/RX Modes and Capacity

Table 2 TX/RX modes and capacity of an RRU5904 (1800 MHz)

Frequency Band (MHz) Protocol-defined Band TX/RX Mode(a) Capacity(b) Supported Bandwidth (MHz)(c)
1800 Band 3/n3 4T4R GSM: 8 carriers LTE FDD: 5/10/15/20
LTE FDD: 3 carriers NR SUL: 15/20
LTE NB-IoT: 8 carriers when the NB-IoT multi-carrier function is enabled and 1 carrier when the NB-IoT multi-carrier function is disabled NR FDD: 5/10/15/20/25/30
NR SUL: 1 carrier
NR FDD: 3 carriers

Output Power and Carrier Configurations

Table 3 Output power and carrier configurations of an RRU5904 (1800 MHz)

Frequency Band (MHz) Maximum Output Power(a) Output Power Configuration
1800 4×60 W Typical Power Configurations for RRUs (Excluding NB-IoT)
Typical Power Configurations for RRUs (NB-IoT only)
a: mxP W in the Maximum Output Power column indicates that the number of TX channels of the RF module is m and the maximum output power of each channel is P W.

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