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1 port PCI-Express card X100PE

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Name: 1 port PCI-Express Asterisk card with 1 FXS or FXO module

Model: X100PE,AEX400-1,AEX410-1



Model options:

Refrence       FXO(red)  FXS(green)

X100PE-10   1        0

X100PE-01   0        1

Our X100PE single port PCI Express card supports standard dahdi / zaptel drivers. It supports work with Asterisk ,trixbox and elastix.

Please specify what configuration you need when purchase.FXO port connects to PSTN line and the FXS port connects to analog telephone. The FXO module is red and the FXS model is green .

The PCI Express card X100PE is bundled with 1 FXO or FXS module.It supports standard dahdi / zaptel drivers , can work with asterisk / trixbox / elastix…include all the sophisticated features of traditional PBX, and extend features such as voicemail in IP PBX. Using X100PE analog card, open source Asterisk PBX and stand alone PC,users can create their SOHO telephony solution Asterisk card X100PE supports 1 FXO or FXS port, plug and play.Supports Asterisk/Trixbox/Elastix,Supports Dahdi/Zaptel.

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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions15 x 15 x 5 cm