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4 to 8 ports Asterisk GSM PCI telephony card


  4 to 8 ports Asterisk GSM PCI telephony card 

Models: GSM400I, GSM800I



4 to 8 ports Asterisk GSM PCI telephony card 

4 ports and 8 ports GSM wirless Asterisk PCI or PCI-express telephony card which is mainly applied to GSM, PSTN and Internet environment. GSM400I can access to GSM, PSTN, telephone and realize Internet integration. It can works in Asterisk, FreePBX and  Elastix. Application for GoIP GSM PABX, GSM pbx system, VoIP Router and VoIP ATA.

 Key features:

working in Asterisk/ Elastix /Trixbox PBX

Support Dahdi / Zaptel Driver, no need any special driver patch.

Support GSM: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz, or CDMA 800Mhz.

Support IMEI change

Supports GSM or CDMA wireless communication standard.

Support the access of wireless(GSM), PSTN telephone.

GSM400I/GSM400E support 4 channels GSM modules

Support Industry Standard: PCI 2.2 slot

RJ11 Connector


Key benefits

Application for GSM VoIP gateway

Application for Mobile IP-PBX

Application for GSM wireless call centre.

GSM Call back

GSM wireless bypass system


 Key advantages:

1)Support GSM: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz.

2)Supports GSM wireless communication standard.

3)Support the access of wireless(GSM), PSTN telephone.

4)GSM400I/ GSM400E support 4 channels, user can choose to insert wireless, FXO or FXS module to each channel.It can realize the integrate of Wireless(GSM) and PSTN.the Following is some examples of intergrate.

–4 channel GSM

–3 channel GSM +1 channel FXS/FXO

–2 channels GSM+2 channel FXS/FXO

–1 channel GSM + 3 channel FXS/FXO

5)4 channels GSM PCI or PCI-E card has a minimum intervention of the host processor, PCI interface supports 32-bit speed 132Mbytes/sec the DMA mode of data exchange.adopt PCI2.2 slot

6) support Dahdi / Zaptel driver, no need any special driver patch.

9) work in a PC with other asterisk cards, the driver will distribute the voice channels automatically.

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–Motherboard: 4 or 8 ports with PCI interface

–GSM modules: four to eight pcs

2)Hardware and Software Requirements:

–Interface:  PCI 2.2/PCI-E

–CPU    800+MHZ

–RAM   128+MB

–Linux   kernel   2.4.x or 2.6.x

3)The environmental instructions for using
–Voltage: 5V/12V
–Power Dissipation Mas: 7.83w/39.82w

4) Size and Weight

GSM400I Size(L*W*H):  210*105*25MM, weight: 310g

GSM800I Size (L*W*H):  210*105*25MM, weight: 600g


Packing list:

GSM400I  X 1, 3M Antenna   X 4

GSM800I  X 1, 3M Antenna   X 8


safe paper box

GSM 400I Package Size(mm) : 30*24*5cm, Gross Weight(g) :0.8KG

GSM 800I Package Size(mm) : 30*27*5cm, Gross Weight(g) :1.2KG



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Additional information

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions30 x 24 x 5 cm