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Single FXO FXS modules cards


Name: Single FXO FXS modules cards

Model: X100M, S100M



Single FXO FXS modules for TDM400P TDM410P card to terminate analog telephones

With more single FXO or FXS module, additional ports can be activated at any time. The FXO-100,FXS-100, X100M, S100M modules pass all the call features, any standard analog telephone are supported. Single FXO FXS module card for Asterisk card multi-ports analog cards. The FXS FXO modules allow the TDM400P/TDM410P card to terminate analog telephones.

What are FXS and FXO?

FXS (Foreign Exchange Station)

FXS is an interface which drives a telephone. FXS interfaces get phones plugged into them, deliver battery, and provide ringing. The FXS interface initiates and sends a ringing voltage to the FXO interface.

FXO (Foreign Exchange Office)

FXO is an interface that connect to a phone line. They supply your PBX with access to the public telephone network. FXS interfaces are what allow you to hook telephones to your PBX, and FXO interfaces allow you to connect your PBX to real analog phone lines.

FXO interfaces receives the ringing voltage from the FXS interface.

The phone receiving the call is the last FXO device in the chain, and when it receives voltage from an FXS device, the phone will ring.


To receive voltage from outside lines, connect the outside line to an FXO port on your Asterisk server. Then connect the phones

to FXS ports on your Asterisk server. When the FXO module in your Asterisk Server receives the voltage, it will then generate voltage

using the FXS module and send it to your analog phone.

FXO is a single channel module

Support all BORSCHT functions.

Support A _ law/u _ Law compiled code

Support the incoming telegram to reveal

3.3V in power.

all indexes can be programmed to adjust and establish through SPI

Exchangeable with Digium modules: It is compatible with X100M/S100M of Digium.

Applications: Exchanger, Deployment machine, Analog asterisk card, EPON terminal station, IP PBX etc.

Works with below device
TDM400P ( 4 analog port mother board)
TDM410P(Updata version 0f TDM400P)
GSM400P (4 port wirless Asterisk PCI card)

GSM400E((4 port wirless Asterisk PCI Express card)

IP04 IP PBX( 4 ports Asterisk embedded IP PBX)
IP08 IP PBX( 8 ports Asterisk embedded IP PBX)

 Size and weight

Size(L*W*H): 52*28*10MM

Weight: 11g

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