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Touch screen 4G LTE video fixed wireless phone

5.5″ Touch screen Android 4G LTE video fixed wireless phone uses SIM card, designed as a desktop business phone/ home phone. Google play store, Skype, YouTube are available.

Model: F398

MOQ:1 piece



5.5″ Touch screen Android 4G LTE video fixed wireless phone uses SIM card

DOBRY Android 4G LTE Desk Phone F398 is an Android desktop smartphone which operates using a SIM card and a mobile network.

Android 4G LTE WIFI gsm desk phone DOBRY

Wireless technology benefits your life

DOBRY F398 4G LTE telephone is a desktop SIM phone that brings telephone connectivity to places where a landline does not exist or can not be available. It is a sober and compact model, with all the functions of a conventional analog desk phone and all the advantages of wireless mobile technology.

You can have fixed telephone access in places without an analog line, thanks to the introduction of a SIM card. This is a perfect solution to be able to provide telephony to second homes and temporary sites, having the convenience of being able to make calls through the mobile network, but with a conventional desktop terminal.

The very easy to use intiutive menu and great battery life stand out among the benefits. You are guaranteed to have a functioning phone in case of power failure.

4G LTE Video desktop phone DOBRY

Great communication experience

In addition this model allows for great communication experience thanks to its integrated handsfree ability, as well as the management of calls made, received and lost.

Touch screen 4G LTE WIFI fixed wireless phone DOBRY